Kitchen Sink

My kitchen sink is broken!

Well, broken is an exaggeration. My kitchen faucet is missing the screen (and maybe something else--but I'm no plumber) that controls the force of the water. So, my sink works, but the water comes out with extreme force and in haphazard directions.  Such a simple thing. It would take minutes to repair. But I never can seem to get around to remembering to get to the store, pick up the parts, and take the mere moments to put them on .

Confession.  My sink has been this way the entire 5 years I've lived in my home. I've gotten accustomed to it and I have modified my actions to accommodate my faucet issue.  I never turn the water on 100%, because I know the back splash will be covered, I'll be soaked and so will the floor! I am used to mopping up the countertop and I  wash an entire load of dishtowels in a single week.  My four year old daughter is completely accustomed to this defective faucet. She's lived with this faucet her entire life, so she has no other frame of reference.

(Consider this a warning if you visit me. I often forget to warn guests until a shirt is drenched!)

Today, as I mindlessly mopped up the water splashed all over the countertops, I suddenly wondered about how many other things I have become accustomed to because I can't be bothered with the small details. I started musing about how we all have little quirks or negative behaviors that we just 'live with' and they become part of who we are. Often times, we forget what life was like before we began 'living with' our issues.

As I dried up the last bit of water,  I felt myself putting the faucet musings on the back burner. But God had something more to add and I found myself faced with a tough question.

Have I modified myself, my behaviors,  and my beliefs-- because I haven't wanted to acknowledge  or correct some sin in my life? Will my child grow up thinking a particular sin or behavior is normal, because that will be her only frame of reference?

I'll talk to ya'll later. I'm headed to Home Depot to get a faucet repair kit.