Rear View

Funny the places God chooses to speak to us...

For instance, in the drive thru line at Starbucks.

This morning,  while waiting on my much needed dose of caffeine, I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the brilliant palette of colors starting to emerge from the dark horizon. Deep magentas, reds and violets began creeping up the sky. I tried to turn around to get a better view, but for some reason, my only vantage point seemed to be my rear view mirror.

I quickly thought about all the analogies we've all heard about looking through the windshield instead of the rear view. Looking toward the positive future rather than a negative past. Yet often times we choose to look backwards, thus missing the beauty all around us. (I think there's even a saying about sometimes the you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug...but maybe that doesn't apply here.)

I'd been thinking about my past lately. Beating myself up for poor decisions made all along my journey. Regret. Shame. Toss in some self loathing, why don't we? Yeah, yeah, I know that my life and all the positive as well as negative decisions have molded and shaped me. And most days aren't filled with shame and regret. But some days, I think even the best of us have moments when we look backwards and see those old black clouds looming and wish we hadn't __________________ (you fill in the blank). Some of us get so immersed in the darkness of our pasts, we can't even turn around and face forward at all. Even feeling unworthy of a positive future because of what we focus on in that rear view mirror. Yet as those thoughts raced through my mind, I looked at that rear view mirror from a different perspective.I saw that glorious sunrise in my mirror and I realized that because of the Son of God, my rear view is just as glorious as my windshield view. Because all of those mistakes, regrets, and hurts have been taken out of the picture, so to speak. Replaced with Christ and his redeeming love and mercy. He is all I need to see when I look backwards. Nothing more. Because He took the place of the mistakes. He took the sin. He took the pain, the shame, the regret.

"Michelle, I really took it. You don't ever have to look back.  And if you do, you'll see me instead."

Can I just tell you that was the best Caramel Frappuccino I have ever had?