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Let the Light In

As I watch history being made, I see.

I see my daughters. I see all the daughters. I see every girl who unabashedly dares to dream big, I see every girl who bravely chooses to stand against the status quo, and I see every girl who boldly steps forward to show the world the true and magnificent power of a woman.

Daughters, as you rise there will be those who fear your ascension.

Rise anyway.

As you rise there will be those who will try mightily to tear off your wings.

Rise anyway.

As you rise there will be those who will selfishly try to convince you that you are not good enough.

Rise anyway.

As you rise there will be those who will try to tell you that the journey is too hard.

Rise anyway.

As you rise there will be those who want you to fall.

Rise anyway.

Daughters I hope you will rise above them all with the fiery brilliance of the morning sun. That you will rise and allow your fearsome and glorious light to illuminate the path for all the other daughters who dream as you dream – all the daughters who fight like you fight – and all the daughters who matter as you matter.   

Rise daughters – rise until historic achievements become everyday occurrences.

Rise Anyway” – by Jeff Fairchild “Let the Light In” 30x40 acrylic painting by Michelle Johnson Fairchild

Authors note: I also see my wife in this painting, my own personal sunrise.

“Let the light in.” she says.

Allow the light of God and of hope to shine within you. For God is real and hope is not a wish – hope is the confident expectation that you will overcome all obstacles, that you will achieve any dream, that you will always embody excellence, that you will know real love and true happiness, that you will…RISE.

My wife once had her own wings ripped away as her whole world became engulfed in the searing flames of unreasoning hatred and unexpected violence which nearly ended her life. Sitting in the ashes of what used to be, she decided to live. She decided to thrive. She decided to help others rediscover hope.

She let the light in.

Michelle used the light of hope to sew her wings back on. With those wings she rose from the ash and cinder of a burned and broken past. In person and through her art she shares her story and her light. So when you see the sun and the word “hope” in one of her paintings, listen closely and you will hear a gentle whisper, reminding you to let the light in.     

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