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The Lion and The King

The Lion and the King

This painting hung in my home for 8 years before anyone saw it. 

In 2023, we moved into our happy home. I wanted a fresh start after our covid quarantine in a band aid colored condo that had moldy cabinets and rusted and original 1990 fixtures and peeling laminate cabinets.

I painted each wall, all the baseboards and trim. 
In order to get the full effect of the space and new color, I took all my "house art" to my studio so I could later come "shopping" and decorate with whatever art our sweet little home asked for. 

So, during that brief interim where my house art was being seen by the public, people began to fall in LOVE with this painting. I placed him at the doorway-the entranceway to my store--and nearly everyone that came into the studio was taken aback. Many times I saw folks whispering amongst themselves, several side glances to me as they began to check out the rest of the vibe of my studio.  

But this guy. He began great conversations, allowed us to embrace others --all others with all beliefs. He spoke to everyone with no discrimination. 

I began to call him the Doorkeeper.  

He still lives at my happy house. 

He is the Waymaker.



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