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Colonel Cockadoodledoo

This surly rooster face! The Monocle! The Steampunk inspired attire! What a distinguished gentleman to greet you each morning! 

This personality filled 12"x24" brilliant, punk rock rooster will guarantee to bring a smile to your face 

'Sir Clucksalot' , "Colonel Cockadoodledoo", 'Lord Percival of Waddlington" or whatever you'd like to name him is from Michelle's series "Plumage: Birds in Dresses".

"I don’t cluck cluck, I crow.
Suns comin’ up up?
Yeah, you’ll know.

Single voice like a chorus, hit this new day like Chuck Norris, sing to the sun that’s rising for us

Windows down on my Benz
Feathers ruffle in the wind
Cruise the barnyard with my hens
Wish this day would never end.

Because I will, I shall not want
Always cock-a-doodle-doo
Never cock-a-doodle-don’t"

-Johann Sebastian Bock (Jeff Fairchild)

Ordinal is available as well as a slightly smaller 10"x20" canvas print that will be signed and embellished (That means Michelle paints on it and it looks and feels like a real painting!) Each canvas print is a print on demand product, so please allow 2.5 weeks for turn around time!

All work is copyrighted and belongs to Michelle Johnson Fairchild.

Thank you for respecting my work and the time I've taken to develop my gifts. 

10"x20" Embellished Canvas Print
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