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Just a Moment


4”x6” unframed personalized print of my Sunflower ‘Just a MOMENT’ painting. This is a delicate print done on Bible, Hymnal or blank paper pages. Regardless of the type of paper used, this print will be personalized for you. Please add type of paper as well as  names in the “special instructions” box upon checkout. 

I’ve had some questions about my “Just a Moment” project.
I hope this short clip will help.

I have added hundreds of names to my large piece. I will continue to add more and I will paint more pieces as needed! (I’m already on the 2nd sunflower) 🌻🌻🌻

But to take this symbolic ‘moment’ a bit further, I am printing the painting (using a photo before I ever wrote any names) on pages from an old Bible.
These are delicate 4x6 small images (unframed) which I will personalize for you and add your name and your loved ones names.  (Just specify names to add in the special instructions box) And and an additional option, I will print and write names on “Praise You in this Storm” (umbrella girl) as well as “Faith, Hope and Butterflies”. Again, just specify which image and the names upon checkout! 

These are $20 and that will keep me stocked in ink, postage, and supplies.
This is truly a labor of love with each page taped down to run through my printer, then personalized, cut to size, and packaged to mail.
This project is one that has come from my heart. It’s evolved from my own personal hurting and helplessness for other’s pain to somehow let other people know they are seen and valued.
I love this project and what it symbolizes. .
May it continue to grow just like those beautiful sunflower seeds!! So please share!! Much LOVE goes into each image.

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