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My "Breast' Friend (Breast Cancer bundle of HOPE)

Cancer is a journey of HOPE

My best friend Cheryl started her first round of chemo this week. 
I created this bundle for her to give to other amazing humans she encounters during her journey. She has met others in different places on their individual breast cancer journeys. She has amazing caregivers and teams meeting her needs. And I know she will want to thank and support them!

Pink Ribbon Card says, "Portrait of a Survivor" on the back/blank inside

Healthcare Hero Card says, "Because of you we have HOPE" on the back/blank inside.

If you have a "breast friend" that has been diagnosed with cancer or any other illness, you, too, may want to give a little gift bundle of HOPE. 

Prints are frameable, and the cards are as well! A blank card is also a tiny piece of art. 


11x14 signed paper print of Healthcare Hero OR Hope Ribbon (Specify image in "special instructions" upon checkout) $35 each

2 11x14 signed paper prints (Specify image in "special instructions" upon checkout) $60

10 pack of cards and envelopes (Specify card image in "special instructions" upon checkout) $30

10 pack of cards/envelopes and 1 print (Specify the print in "special instructions" upon checkout) $55

'Breast' Deal: EVERYTHING! Both prints and 20 cards/envelopes $115


Lastly, if you are interested in more products at even more of a discounted rate--I am so happy to make that happen. Please contact me! 

Thank you to for capturing the celebration of our dear friend, Cheryl

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