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My Name is Michelle Johnson Fairchild

I am an ordinary woman. A mother, a teacher and an artist. I am also a survivor. 

In August, 2008 my then-husband took a butcher knife and slashed ninety-four of my paintings before attempting to murder me by strangling me to unconsciousness. He then beat me and left me for dead in our hallway. In essence, he tried to silence my literal voice as well as my artistic voice. 

I have lived a life as an abused wife. I have been beaten. I have been degraded, devalued, and deemed inconsequential for living by the man who vowed to love me forever. Yet something amazing and powerful happened to me. I went from a hopeless victim to a survivor full of victory, life, courage and strength. 

What changed in my life? I began to paint. 

Nearly 100 paintings


My entire life's work as an artist

Art helped me understand "Victim" did not define me

Art helped me heal

Art helped me "Be a Voice" for others