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Breaking Free

 "Breaking Free" is a beautifully layered original acrylic painting promising to uplift and unburden your soul.  Michelle's colorful, yet slightly muted color palette, creates a light, airy piece that is guaranteed to brighten any space! 

The original painting is 30"x40", yet canvas prints can be purchased as a square format with the breaking free of butterflies image still in tact.

Professionally printed with archival inks on canvas stretched over a wooden frame, each canvas print is ready to hang! Any prints over 20 inches are hand embellished by Michelle. 
Did I mention each piece is signed? Like really. I sign them all! 💗
Watermark will not appear on print.
All canvas prints options are a print on demand product. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (But we are typically much faster!)
And any print over 24" will be hand embellished by me!
What does that mean? It means I paint on them! I refine lines, add more color, and seal them to give them a little bit of my artist love! With the real canvas feel and my artistic additions, an embellished canvas print is the next best thing to an original. 

All artwork and images are copyrighted and belong to Michelle Johnson Fairchild.
Thank you for respecting my work and my process.
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