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Marlin II

"No Jeff", she said with exasperation. "We are not naming this painting "Brando"".

Why, I ask of you dear reader, can a Marlin not be named Brando? Marlin. Brando.

My dad jokes - not great. Michelle's paintings - Superb!

Please allow me to introduce "MARLIN II" - This amazing  12" x 36" layered acrylic painting is completed in Michelle's "Pop Art" style, utilizing a recognizable image embellished with, and around, fun and often unexpected shapes and color arrangements. 

This unique painting beautifully compliments a multitude of decorative styles in    residential, commercial, hospitality, dining, and retail establishments.       

The original MARLIN II is currently available and this image is also offered in a stunning 12" x 36" Embellished Canvas Print as well as in an 11" x 17" ready to frame paper print.

11" x 17" Ready To Frame Paper Print
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